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 Application KINONO

Project: Time Scars in the Earth of Tinos

Name:     Heike Penner

Address: Bahnhofanlage 14, 68723 Schwetzingen, Germany


                Tel: 0049-6202 926 6969, Mobile: 0049-179 179 4052

Time of residency: 26. September - 18. October

Theme:   Earth

Place:      Ismael Village  

Project:   Large scale drawings

Cooperation: drawing workshop

Why the topic earth:

My first association with earth was solidity. Out of the 4 elements to be investigated in this year's cycle it is the most stable one and usually offers safe grounds. However, over time earth is shaped by the other elements: water forms holes and grinds stone to sand which is carried away by wind and water. Much more radical changes occur on a large scale in cases of earthquakes und vulcano eruptions. Furthermore, living species, especially mankind, make a great impact on the element earth and shape it in different ways. While earth is changed and scarred by all these factors over time, many different surfaces and structures are formed and time is made visible and even touchable. To capture these scars in large scale drawings is my aim.

Additionally, I decided to apply for the topic earth because it gets closest to the last two of my photography projects: 1. "Earth of Mannheim" on urban aspects of the relationship between nature and people (examples to be seen in the gallery of my homepage). 2. "LOOSING TOUCH" on the relationship between human beings and nature on a very personal level (exhibition from April, 18th to May, 30th 2020, examples in the galery coming soon). Finally, I have just started on a drawing project which places human beings into photographs of landscapes (see below) reflecting on the relationship of earth and mankind.

So all in all, drawing "time scars" to be found in the earth of Tinos would add a new and important aspect to my work giving it more depth.



Drawing project:

The idea of the drawing project I want to

carry out with Kinono is to capture the

scars in the earth of Tinos which reflect

time in different ways: changes which

have taken place over a long time,  such

as shapes caused by water,  and changes

which happened only recently e.g. by

someone who made a hole in the earth

for any reason. So my plan is to go to

different places in the mornings, find

scars in the earth, capture the landscape

in a rough sketch, take a photograph to

catch the light situation and take a

frottage to have a good idea of the

structure of the surface. In the afternoons

I will develop large scale drawings from

the mornings' collections. In the end these

drawings shall form an exhibition.

The materials I want to work with include

grey and brown paper, silk tissue, coal,

graphite pens, acrylic felt pens and ball                   trial drawing of 1m in height (just outside my studio)

pens. The size of the drawings is going to

be approximately 1.5 m by 1.0 m.

      Frottages                                                                                       small trial

      of 4 different                                                                                  drawing of 

      structures                                                                                      imagined

                                                                                                   earth scars


Concerning the place, I would prefer to work at Ismael Village. As far as I can see from the photos the place seems to offer many different time scars caused by the weather, by mankind, animals and plants. This should lead to a variety of large scale drawings concerned with earth changes in time.

Cooperation project:

As a cooperation project I would offer a 1 day drawing workshop in which participants draw items (stones, drift wood, dead parts of plants...) which either the participants bring with them or I will have collected in the landscape when looking for scars in the earth. At the end of the day the drawings will be prepared for taking part in the drawing exhibition where my "time scars" will be presented.

Participants would need to bring at least 3 sheets of paper size DIN A3, 2 pieces of grey card board DIN A2 and a couple of different pencils, pens or crayons with which they want to draw.


Heike Penner,  *1964 near Hamburg, lives and works in the metropol region Rhein-Neckar

since July 2019  free lance artist in own studio

2015 – 2019    study of fine art at the

                          Freie Kunstakademie Mannheim (FKAM)

1998 – 2005    PhD in Newcastle upon Tyne 

1994 – 1995    MSc in Neuropsycholinguistics, Newcastle upon Tyne

since 1988       employment as speech and language therapist,

                          participation in science projects,

                          giving seminars

1985 – 1988     training to be a speech language pathologist in Marburg

1984 – 1985     social Year



  • participation in the OFF-FOTO festival with solo exhibition "LOOSING TOUCH" at the studio DIE BOX

  • exhibition in physiotherapy pratice with Heike Wiggers and Lars Schnoor

  • participation in the exhibition "Blick aus dem Fenster" (View from the window), Galerie Ten, Mannheim

  • participation in the exhibition "Coronale", Kunstverein Mannheim

  • presentation of my photographic work at the "Talk Fotografie", Reiss Engelhorn Museum, Mannheim

  • open air presentation of two large prints "C1" and "C2" on the wall of the "zeitraum exit", Mannheim

  • open air slide show of the series "longing" in Schwetzingen


  • participation in the summer exhibition at the Freie Kunstakademie Mannheim (FKAM)

  • "Eine fotografische Interpretation des Haiku" (A photographic interpretation of the Haiku), opening exhibition at the studio DIE BOX

  • "Arbeiten in Acryl" (works in acrylic), Café Chrysander, Hamburg



  • participation in the summer exhibition at the  FKAM

  • participation in a group exhibition at the Galerie Alte Turnhalle Bad Dürkheim, „Zwischen Grenzen“

  • participation in a group exhibition at the Pauline-Maier-Haus, Mannheim

  • participation in the group exhibition „Kunsthalle Landau“

  • exhibition "Blaupause" (blueprint) at the Kunstverein Heddesheim together with Christina Detmers and Dennis Abel


  • participation in the OFF-FOTO exhibition at the FKAM

  • participation in the summer exhibition at the  FKAM

  • participation in a group exhibition at the Kunstverein Ladenburg, „Der Zauberlehrling“ (the Sourcere's Apprentice)


  • participation in the OFF-FOTO exhibition at the FKAM

  • participation in the summer exhibition at the  FKAM

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